What is canasta and how do you play it?

What is canasta and how do you play it?

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Of course, the wide range of games online casinos carry is also a big draw. This allows players to find new games to try and keep boredom at bay. One good example of this is canasta. But what is it and how do you play it?

What is canasta?

Canasta is a casino card game which sits in the family of rummy games. It can be played by up to six players and people play as individuals or work in teams of two if there are four players present. Canasta has players trying to meld together three or more cards of the same rank to score points. Melding together seven cards is known as a canasta.

The history of canasta began in 1939 in Uruguay. It was created by Segundo Santos and Alberto Serrato. Its big break on the world gambling stage was in 1949 when Josefina Artayeta de Viel brought it to New York. Following this, the game found great popularity in the USA and around Europe.

How do you play it?

To start with, all players are dealt 11 cards. Play moves in a clockwise direction and each player picks up a card from the deck. After this, they may put down a meld if possible. Each meld scores the player/team points -a natural canasta meld, for example, is 500 points while a mixed canasta meld is 300. After that, they must discard a card when their turn ends. Play ends when one player goes out by putting down all their cards. At the end, the points each team or player scored are totaled up and the overall winner is the first to get to 5000 points.

Canasta is a fun casino game

We all know how great well-known classics like pokerand blackjack are to play. Sometimes though, it is nice to have a change and enjoy a new experience. This should be part of your thinking when creating a good online gambling strategy. Canasta is certainly one fun alternative to consider playing and has lots to recommend it.