Play French roulette with lots of fun

Play French roulette with lots of fun

French roulette is where the chips are moved with a special rake and is the progenitor of the now widespread European and American roulette. In fact, it was this type of ball wheel that excited the minds of players across Europe for centuries in a row. In the mid-19th century, the elitist nature of the casino game itself changed to a more dynamic one. And the game of French roulette is carried out slowly, all bets are specified and beautifully laid out on the playing field even before the ball is launched. Therefore, link web page although French roulette is currently present in gambling houses in Europe, it often only has an image status.

Basic rules of French roulette

What are the basic rules of French roulette? Let’s start with the fact that French roulette has not been played for cash for a long time. Each casino has its own internal money – chips or money tokens. It is for these chips, after exchanging them in advance at the cash desk of a gambling establishment, that they play French roulette, placing bets at the gaming table.

The specificity of the French roulette game is such that the player will need to know the names of the roulette bets in French. The phrases pronounced by the dealer (dealer) are also in French.

The choice of a table for French roulette does not differ from the choice of similar games in other casinos: you just need to pay attention to the table limits – the limit of the minimum and maximum possible bet in the game. The roulette limits table is on the roulette table.

If you happen to play the classic version of French roulette, please note that the layout of the French roulette playing field, including the track for oral bets, is somewhat different from the European roulette playing field. But don’t let this put you off, the essence of the rates and their set are the same. The inscriptions on the traditional French roulette board will be in French. But in the casino you can also see the French roulette table, the inscriptions on which combine both French and English. The second option is more democratic in European casinos and is designed for a wide range of visitors.

Special rules of French roulette

As in European and American roulette, in French roulette there are special rules for betting on equal chances when the zero sector is zero. Depending on the desire of the casino (after all, this is not an obligation, but only a desire to increase the chances of players in roulette), one of two rules can be applied when playing French roulette:

The En Prison Rule leaves (jails or locks up) all bets by players on an equal chance on the playing field until the next draw. If, on the next spin of the wheel, the ball throws zero again or the bet on equal chances loses, all these bets will go to the casino’s income. If the even odds bet wins, it will be returned to the player with no winnings paid.